Introducing the
Together, we can take a vital step forward.

Together, we can create a vibrant downtown.

The CARE Fund is a new initiative of the Erie Downtown Partnership to bring people together for the common good of our downtown community. This fund will drive collective change as, together, we make transformational improvements to downtown Erie’s environment and culture.

These improvements will focus mostly on keeping our downtown safe, clean and enjoyable for all who work in downtown as well as visit. A walkable, safe and vibrant downtown where people can enjoy public parks and stroll the streets is at the heart of every dynamic downtown.

Contributions to the CARE Fund are strictly designated for programs and initiatives that create that vibrant downtown we all desire. Some of these initiatives include the installation of additional security cameras for enhanced safety, a Friendliness and Cleanliness Street Team and Training project, as well as ongoing streetscaping and greenscaping projects to improve Downtown Erie’s overall aesthetic quality and sustainability. Contributions to the CARE Fund will also help generate additional volunteer opportunities to create more year-round, family oriented events and activities.

No contributions will be used for operational or administrative purposes.

We are excited about the opportunity to help reshape and revitalize the landscape of our downtown area. The CARE Fund will serve as a positive jumpstart for the resurgence of Downtown Erie and certainly bodes well for the growth and prosperity of our entire community.

Please consider donating today to the Care Fund. The future of Erie starts downtown.